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Here you will find selected fine art collector`s edition models of the gliders of Otto Lilienthal which he used for his practical experiments in the field of human flight during the period of 1889 to 1896. Each model will only be constructed in pure handcraft work on your order and do represent the original in every detail..

Each of these museum quality models do belong to a limited edition of 100 pieces only. Herethrough the collection meets with the requirements of a museum and the growing value is guaranteed. The models are represented in a display case of oak with a glas surface and a velvet floor. These cases are designed to be hung from a wall.

Otto Lilienthal 1848-1896

The models do comprise the original gliders in every detail. It is worth to mention that even the materials used to construct the models are the same that have been used by Otto Lilienthal to construct the original gliders. The main material used is willow rod.


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Model `Gull` of 1889. Model built by A.Engels
Model Gull; 1889

Pilot Project 0f 1889/90. Model built by A.Engels
Pilot-Project 1889/90

The Derwitz-Apparatus of 1891. Model built by A.Engels
Derwitz-Apparatus 1891

Model of Südende-Apparatus of 1892: Model built by Achim Engels
Südende-Apparatus 1892

The Maihöhe-Rhinow-Apparatus of 1893 in showcase. Model built by A.Engels
Maihöhe-Rhinow-Apparatus 1893
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Small Wingbeat-Apparatus of 1893 in showcase. Model built by A.Engels
Small Wingbeat-Apparatus 1894

Stormwing-Model for high speed winds. Model built by Achim Engels
Stormwing-Model 1894

The Support-Wing-Apparatus of 1894. Model built by A.Engels
Supportwing-Apparatus 1894

The Standard-Sailplane of 1894 in showcase. Model built by A.Engels
Standard-Sailplane 1894

The Large Biplane of 1895. Model built by A.Engels.
Large Biplane 1895


These extraordinary collectors`s models are a certificate of human creativity!

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