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The Fokker-Team-Schorndorf produces on request reproductions of the wooden two blade AXIAL airscrew of 2620mm diameter for roatary engines and of 2780mm for 160 PS Mercedes engines.

Price: $6,000.00 US Dollars (less hub!)

We can also produce other airscrews from drawings delivered.

In case of interest:

Serial Production of wooden airscrews at the Anker Propellerworks, Berlin in 1915.

Aufkleber-1.jpg (29566 Byte)
Axial transfer as used after 1916 (black on silver).

  • We exceptionally use seasoned woods that have been used with the original airscrews.
  • We check symmetry, pitch and shape of the sections.
  • The airscrews will be statically balanced.
  • We do not proof airworthyness.
  • Delivery within 4-8 Weeks. Depending on our working shedule. Detailed information about current availability on request.
  • See sample movie clip of ballanced airscrew here

Full size construction drawing we use to work from.

3-930571-74-9klein.JPG (10143 Byte)
Donīt miss our movie on making an 1918 Axial Airscrew


Axial-2.jpg (15779 Byte)
Propeller by the AXIAL-Propellerwerke, Berlin, clear varnished and  late logo.


Fertig-2.jpg (111792 Byte)
Finished airscrew. Also available painted in solid color.

Blattpreagung-1.jpg (34717 Byte)

Stemped letters in gold on finished clear varnished airscrew.

Fertig-4.jpg (166758 Byte)

Finished airscrew shortly before its delivery to the customer.

Axial7.jpg (36951 Byte)

Axial8.jpg (27856 Byte)

2705.jpg (115499 Byte)

2706.jpg (125162 Byte)

2750.jpg (109040 Byte)